Our Events

The volunteer organisers responsible for delivering the annual Bewdley Festival in October may have changed since the first festival in 1988; but the aim has remained the same:

“To Bring The Best Into Bewdley and The Best Out Of Bewdley”

Were it not for the uncertainties resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic, 2020 would have marked the 33rd consecutive annual programme of Bewdley Festival’s 10 days in October. You can view the programme planned for 2020 by clicking on the link, where you will also find messages from many of the artists booked to appear.

Bewdley Festival now presents events and supports projects throughout the year. These include regular output from the now well-established Bewdley Youth Festival which has provided unique opportunities for young people from the area since 2013. You can learn more of these events through the links.

The Visual Arts, Drama and the Written and Spoken Word have consistently been celebrated by Bewdley Festival, with some extraordinary performances that include appearances by the last three Poet Laureates. This tradition continues and again you can learn more through the various links.

A recent innovation has been the establishment of an annual Roots Music Weekend, a mixture of free and ticketed events across Bewdley town celebrating the elements of a different music genre each year. You can read about, see pictures and view a video of the inaugural “American Epic Weekend” through the links.