Celebrating Success

At a public meeting held in Bewdley’s Guild Hall in 1987, it was decided to hold an annual arts festival.

The main aim was “to bring the best into Bewdley, and the best out of Bewdley.”

Those involved at that time could never have imagined that they were starting an event that would grow to be such an important part of Bewdley life and an accepted part of the national festival calendar.

Over thirty years on, the Festival is still run by enthusiastic volunteers and the Festival Society, formed to support the October Festival and keep the Festival spirit alive all the year, now has more than 400 members.

Bewdley is a living venue with an annual event now firmly established on the local, regional and national festival scene.

There is no doubt that providing enthusiastic volunteers continue to come forward, the Festival will continue to improve, prosper and ensure that stars will be seen in Bewdley for many years to come.