Bewdley Festival


Bewdley Festival was formed after a public meeting in 1987 at which it was decided that the town would hold an annual festival of the arts. The first festival was organised by a committee and took place in October 1988.

You can see more about the 33 year history of Bewdley Festival by visiting the Past Festivals section of this site.

Bewdley Festival Limited is a company limited by guarantee and was incorporated on the 24th May 1989 (Company Registration No. 02388535). It is a registered charity (Charity Registration No. 701629). We continue to hold arts and cultural events each year for the benefit of our local community.

Our purposes are exclusively charitable and all the funds raised are for the charity’s benefit and used solely in carrying out its objectives as set out in our Memorandum of Association:

  • Advance the education of the public, particularly in the neighbourhood of Bewdley, by the production and promotion of all forms of art including drama, dancing, singing, spoken word and music.
  • Provide facilities in the interest of social welfare for recreation and other leisure time occupations, particularly in the neighbourhood of Bewdley for the benefit of the community.

The aim of Bewdley Festival:

“To bring the best into Bewdley and to bring the best out of Bewdley”.

Thanks to the continued support and encouragement of the many Friends of Bewdley Festival, patrons, private donors and business supporters, Bewdley Festival has developed and expanded over the years to become an eagerly awaited part of the local calendar and has held an arts festival in the town of Bewdley every year since 1988. We aim to bring events to Bewdley which would not otherwise take place. Any surplus generated by our activities is either retained to ensure the financial sustainability of the charity or is re-invested in the arts.