Music in the Hall

Music in the Hall is a series of live concerts held in St. George’s Hall, Bewdley to raise funds for the upkeep of the Hal,l which was re-opened in 2013 by a community based charity which includes Bewdley Festival.

The Music in the Hall programme was started in 2014 with support from Bewdley Festival. From the outset Bewdley Youth Festival has created opportunities for local young musicians to appear on the same bill as the headline artists, many of which are visiting from USA and Canada. The shows also feature an act from the pool of amazing musicians that are based in the local area.

The format of MinH is that generally the show has three acts. It is opened by the youth act, with the local musicians before the headline artist. The format has proved popular with the artists as well as the audience and since 2014 the Music in the Hall team has held over 60 sessions, with many of the headline artists returning for second and even third appearances.

The artists have also donated tracks for a series of Music in the Hall compilation albums which are sold to help fund Bewdley Youth Festival. These albums follow the format of the evenings with tracks from headline artists, local acts and youth musicians recorded and produced by Jack Barnett, the main MinH sound engineer.

The third volume of the Music in the Hall compilations is currently being completed for release during late 2020.

The photographs show just a few of the acts that have appeared at Music in the Hall and please visit for latest information.