The Duck House Trail

The Duck House Project was an innovative new part of Bewdley Festival’s Art Programme in 2015 where local community groups were involved in a “hands on” and fun experience of art.

The concept of 20 decorated wooden “Duck Houses” as an outdoor art installation, felt appropriate for a riverside town with a large population of ducks, came from Colin Hill, the Visual Arts Co-Ordinator of Bewdley Festival.

Colin raised funding from the Kidderminster Educational Trust and the Miscounties Co-Operative Community Fund. This was used to pay the Emily Jordan Foundation, which gives work to young people with special needs, to build the Duck Houses.

These were then purchased and decorated by community groups with things stuck on, nailed on, painted, decoupage, there were even a couple of knitting groups involved in that first year. Oh and the number of Duck Houses grew from 20 to 32!

These were displayed in Bewdley’s Jubilee Gardens during October and the public was invited to vote for their favourite – which they did in their hundreds!

Festival was delighted with the tremendous enthusiasm the community brought to the project and repeated it in 2016, with a new design for the blank duck houses and local busineses invited to join in the fun.

The result was 46 highly and imaginatively decorated Duck Houses and another very engaged community voting in large numbers for their favourites.

2018 saw the third Duck House Trail with another new design. Although a strict limit of 36 entries was set to keep numbers manageable.