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12th October to 21st October

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Daytime Shows

Our programme of Daytime shows is as varied and eclectic as always and the events are held in Bewdley Baptist Church, St George's Hall and St. Anne's Church.

Tickets are still available for a number of events through our online booking system following the links below.

You can also reserve tickets during the last week before Festival starts on Friday 6 October by calling the Festival Office on 01299 404808 between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.

Please note that we use PayPal to securely process all payments and do not hold any of your financial data, we do hold contact details to send you your tickets and in case we need to advise you of any changes. Any information we hold will not be shared with third parties.

Tickets purchased online will be be held for you to collect on the door on the evening of the event.

Lesley Smith: Boudica, Queen of the Iceni - Saturday 7th October

smith boudicaSaturday 7th October - 2.30 pm Bewdley Baptist Church

Tickets are SOLD OUT for this show

Festival favourite Lesley Smith returns with the story of Boudica. Britain was a remote outpost of the Roman Empire and in what we now know as East Anglia lived Boudica, Queen of the Iceni tribe, who frightened the hell out of the Roman soldiers garrisoned thereabouts.

With over 100,000 barbarians - as the Romans described them - she swept across the country, red hair flowing, dressed in brilliant colours and ripped apart one Roman settlement after another. This inspiring and mighty woman was on a mission to revenge the rape of her daughters, with an absolute determination to teach the Romans on her land a sharp lesson. She succeeded and is never to be forgotten.

Lesley is Curator of Tutbury Castle, Staffordshire, where she regularly performs from her repertoire of famous women from history.


This event is supported by Carole Swingler  


Classical Occasions - Sunday 8th October

classical occasionsSunday 8th October - 3.30 pm St. Anne's Church Tickets £12

Festival Voices and Bewdley Baroque Soloists

To complement Bewdley Festival’s 30th Anniversary, an afternoon of music written for, or performed at, special occasions.

This concert, performed by Festival Voices and the Bewdley Baroque Soloists, will feature music by Handel and Parry. There will, of course, be a healthy dose of Royal pomp and circumstance, together with some surprises.



This event is supported by Kidderminster and District Lions  

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Timothy Watson: Playing The Villain - Monday 9th October

watsonMonday 9th October - 2.30 pm Bewdley Baptist Church Tickets £10

Timothy Watson aka The Archers’ Rob Titchener - Playing the Villain

The third in a highly successful series of presentations for fans of The Archers, the world’s longest running radio ‘soap’.

An interview with the actor who brought to life one of radio’s most controversial characters involved in a plot-line that made national and international news.

In 2015, the audience at the Radio Times Festival greeted Timothy with booing, proving just how successful he was in his characterisation and portrayal of this dark role.



This event is supported by Janet Ince, Bank House  


Britain on Film: Railways - Tuesday 10th October

railwaysTuesday 10th October - 10.30 am St. George's Hall Tickets £8


Travel back to the golden age of the railways, when trains ran on time and came complete with fluffed pillows, silverware and three course meals.

Railways charts the history of the UK’s railways in a major new collection of rare archive films, from 1898 to the final steam train of 1968. Return to the romance and glamour of early train travel and be swept away by the freedom of travelling through the past and breadth of the UK.

Sourced from the BFI National Archive and newly digitised with a newly commissioned soundtrack, Railways revels in nostalgia for the lost glories of train travel, while documenting the rapidly changing social, economic and political climate of the UK from the tracks.

Please Note: This film contains a sequence of flashing lights which might affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.

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This event is supported by Severn Valley Railway  

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Maggie Andrews: 100 Years of The Women's Institute - Tuesday 10th October

andrewsTuesday 10th October - 2.30 pm Bewdley Baptist Church Tickets £10

100 Years of The Women's Institute: The Acceptable Face of Feminism

The Women’s Institute is fondly thought of in terms of ‘jam and Jerusalem’, but its roots are intertwined with the women’s suffrage movement and the many campaigns that have sought to articulate the needs of women since the First World War.

Maggie Andrews will explore the political and social initiatives that helped define the radical organisation.

Maggie Andrews is Professor of Cultural History at Worcester University and her work covers the social and cultural history of twentieth century Britain and the representation of that history within popular culture.



This event is supported by Heathfield Boarding for Dogs and Cats  


Michael Mears: This Evil Thing - Wednesday 11th October

mearsWednesday 11th October - 2.30 pm Bewdley Baptist Church Tickets £10

A century after the First World War, aspects of the history of the period are emerging which have been long swept under the carpet. Among these is the anti-conscription movement, and the pacifists who, for ¬reasons of conscience, refused to take on any duties, even non-combative ones, which could be seen as supporting the war effort.

This compelling, shocking and inspiring story involves a dizzying journey from a chapel in Yorkshire to the House of Commons; from an English country garden to a quarry in Aberdeen; from a cell in Richmond Castle to a firing squad in France and received critical acclaim at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe.

Michael Mears has had a rich and varied career in theatre, television and film including seasons with the National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Peter Hall Company and London’s West End.

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This event is supported by Bewdley Festival Society  


Brett Westwood: Changes in Wonderland - Thursday 12th October

westwoodThursday 12th October - 10.30 am St. George's Hall

Tickets for this event are SOLD OUT

Brett Westwood is a renowned naturalist and a producer of BBC's series of seasonal "Watch" programmes "Spring Watch, Autumn Watch etc.

From blackbirds, beavers and beetles to tawny owls, natterjack toads and lemon slugs. Every day of the year, winter or summer, in every corner of the British Isles, there's plenty to see if you know where - and how - to look in our skies, beaches, rivers, fields, forests and back gardens.
After last year’s sell-out, Brett returns to take us through a year of living things from encounters with the curious black redstart, which winters on our rocky coasts, to the tiny green snowdrop shoots that are the first sign that spring might be round the corner.

From the blossom-time and dawn choruses of April and May into the abundant noisiness of summer, where days start with hawker dragonflies and drowsy bumblebees and end with glow-worms and ghost moths; to autumn when in the early morning mist of London's Richmond Park male red deer lock horns in competition for a mate.

 This event is supported by Dr. Jenny Frow  


Anthony Peers: The Story of Birmingham Town Hall - Thursday 12th October

peersThursday 12th October - 2.30pm Bewdley Baptist Church Tickets £10

Constructed with funds raised by a public rate, Birmingham Town Hall is Britain’s first truly civic building and serves as an emblem for the town and its people.

Upon its completion in 1834, The Preston Chronicle described it as ‘The Pride of Birmingham and an Ornament to England’. This impressive neoclassical temple was Britain’s first genuinely civic building, designed to house the country’s first great public concert hall.

Anthony Peers, an architectural historian, trained in building conservation, oversaw its repair, alteration and remodelling. He unveils discoveries aplenty about the building's origins, its design, uses, evolution and recent transformation.

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This event is supported by Richard and Sally Preedy and Bewdley Civic Society  

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John Henderson: This Cryptic World - Friday 13th October

hendersonFriday 13th October - 2.30 pm Bewdley Baptist Church Tickets £10

Whether addicted to, or mystified by, cryptic crosswords this is a must see.

Known variously to those he torments as Enigmatist in the Guardian, the Independent’s Nimrod, Elgar in the Telegraph, Io in the Financial Times and anonymous in The Times, John is nearing the end of his fourth decade of compiling crosswords for the UK national press – and has recently joined the question-writing team for the cult BBCTV show Only Connect.

He boasts the Championship record of having solved a Times crossword in 2 mins, 53 seconds.

No previous experience with cryptic clues is assumed and audience participation is encouraged!

You may wish to bring along a copy of the day’s Guardian Crossword which has been compiled by John especially for Bewdley Festival’s 30th Anniversary.


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This event is supported by Colin and Mary Wells   


The Max Keen Lecture: Prince Rupert of the Rhine - Saturday 14th October

keenSaturday 14th October - 2.30pm Bewdley Baptist Church


Prince Rupert of the Rhine: King Charles I’s Pirate Prince

Nephew of King Charles I, Rupert was one of the English Civil War's most paradoxical heroes. Handsome, impetuous and courageous, he was the epitome of the 'Cavalier', yet he was born a German prince and a protestant.

As the Royalist General of Horse, he was a brilliant strategist, but a volatile and impetuous tactician, who frequently appeared in Worcestershire. He also served the royalist cause as an Admiral and in later life commanded fleets against the Dutch.

Max Keen returns to present another of his all-time heroes - on a par with Richard III and Henry V.

This event is supported by   

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